Hi! I’m Meghan.

The photographer / creative director here at Meg Amy Photography.

My passion for photography started back when I acquired my very first camera at age 9. I quickly fell in love with photographing the landscape around me and was grateful to live in both Prince George and Nanaimo, B.C. where there's always an abundance of beautiful scenery to work with.

For years it was a hobby for me. A personal outlet for creativity while I pursued a career in child and youth care. Utilizing my degree and specializations, I worked for many years with at-risk youth. From front line positions through to management, and eventually developing and deploying my own education & life skills program. Once I became pregnant with my son however, I decided to be a stay at home mom.

After my daughter was born I suffered from postpartum depression. Being creative and taking images of my children really helped me to heal. I took a class with a professional photographer that focused on taking images of your own kids while developing professional-level skills with a DSLR. This sparked my love for photography again. I started to put together full photoshoots for my kids and found myself getting requests from family and friends to do the same for them. This is when I knew I could make my hobby into something that could help support my family while giving me the creative outlet my mental health really needed. That’s when “Images by Meghan” came to life, in summer of 2017.

About Meghan - Fine Art Photography in Prince George British Columbia - Meg Amy Photography

Images by Meghan provided family-focused photography services, such as family portraits, mommy & me portraits, newborns, maternity, engagement, children and sibling moments. Having worked with kids my whole life, and in having my own, this was a great fit. I always involve lots of playtime and movement in my shoots to get the best candid moments and interactions. And now that I've transitioned to fine art photography, this has evolved into encouraging the imagination and bringing that spark to life.

Meg Amy Photography

Meg Amy Photography represents an official transition to a fine art specialization, drawing out an extra layer of beauty, complexity, and a hint of magic beyond what the eye typically sees upon first glance. Fine Art Photography can tell a story, convey an emotion, express an idea, or portray a message, just to name a few. Each of these require a different set of special skills in order to successfully bring a project to life. For example, if you want to convey an emotion, you must not only plan out the session (wardrobe, hair, makeup, location, setting, etc.) but also be able to effectively coach, direct, pose, and inspire. This is where the experience with kids and knowing how to engage them in a photoshoot comes in especially handy!